NUK Trendline 10175240 Silicone Dummies Orthodontic Shape 0-6 Months Pack of 2 Multi-Coloured - B07ZGC5PZ4

  • Model: B07ZGC5PZ4
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    • NUK Trendline 10175240 Silicone Dummies Orthodontic Shape 0-6 Months Pack of 2 Multi-Coloured - B07ZGC5PZ4
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NUK Trendline 10175240 Silicone Dummies Orthodontic Shape 0-6 Months Pack of 2 Multi-Coloured - B07ZGC5PZ4

  • Anatomically shaped mouth plate with flat button to prevent pressure points in the abdominal and side position - ideal for falling asleep

  • Thin and narrow teat neck - reduces pressure on jaw and teeth

  • Flat teat and smooth bottom - for more clearance for natural suction movement

  • Naturally shaped like mother's breast

  • Unique design, BPA free, stable, reusable dummy box, 2 per pack

  • The Nuk Trendline silicone dummy: modelled on the female breast while breastfeeding. For our little ones, there are many exciting adventures to discover day after day. The dummy is a reliable friend who gives the baby security and calms it. No matter whether foreign faces, foreign sounds or other environments have worried the little one, thanks to the familiar and instinctive dummy it will quickly relax again. To further optimise this feel-good factor, Nuk, inventor of the orthodontic dummy, has made the original shape even better. It is modelled on the female breast when breastfeeding, which fits perfectly into the mouth when the baby is dummy. The special thing about this dummy: it is particularly thin and slim to reduce the pressure on teeth and jaws. The flat teat part and the smooth underside ensure a pleasant feeling on the mouth and give the tongue plenty of space for the natural suction motion. Nuk dummies fit perfectly to the child's palate and are therefore particularly quickly accepted by babies. So they provide relaxation for babies and their parents. Recommended by experts: Nuk dummies soothe as well as never before. Since we care about the healthy overall development of the baby, we want each Nuk baby to get a natural and orthodontic dummy. Due to the further development of the orthodontic nuk original shape according to the latest findings, the Nuk dummy calms almost never before, because due to the familiar shape, even breast-feeding babies take this dummy well. Breastfeeding mothers have confirmed that the Nuk dummy does not affect breastfeeding*. So it provides some time for relaxation and tranquillity even with freshly baked mums. In addition, Nuk dummies do not cause teeth and jaw misalignments. The slim, flat and thin teat part ensures this. It minimises pressure on the small teeth and the jaw and leaves the tongue enough space for the natural suction motion. Another reason why Nuk dummies are appreciated and recommended by midwives, pediatricians and orthodontics. Test results also speak clearly for the pacifier: 100% of the orthodontics surveyed confirm that Nuk pacifiers do not cause any jaw or tooth misalignments, 95% of the babies accept the Nuk pacifier, 90% of the mothers recommend it further and 92% of the nursing mothers confirm that the Nuk pacifiers do not affect breastfeeding. * Independent market research, 307 mothers, Germany 2017 ** Independent market research, 50 orthodontics, 50 paediatricians and 50 midwives (prestigiously selected), Germany 2017 The sustainability to love: Nuk dummy with EN packaging Sustainability is capitalised with us. We want to give parents the opportunity to continue using our packaging after unpacking, instead of F each Nuk dummy comes in a sturdy, reusable box that keeps the dummy clean and protects - especially for when out and about - an ideal solution to keep babies favourite companion from dirt and moisture. The Nuk Trendline Silicone Dummy - from loving world explorers to small stylicons. The Nuk Trendline dummy impresses with its chic and modern designs and makes our dear world explorers into small style icons. The anatomically shaped flat button mouth plate prevents pressure points in the abdomen and side position, making the dummy ideal for falling asleep. The clear silicone material is easy to clean and is particularly temperature-resistant. It is free from harmful substances, boil-proof, odourless, transparent and has a smooth surface. All Nuk dummies have the Nuk Air system. A valve allows air to escape from the teat. This means that it remains beautifully soft and malleable and relieves the jaw.

    NUK Trendline 10175240 Silicone Dummies Orthodontic Shape 0-6 Months Pack of 2 Multi-Coloured - B07ZGC5PZ4